Werner PR
Berlinale 2018
Dear journalists, dear friends and colleagues,
it is our pleasure to present as international press agents the following fascinating film:
Panorama (World Premiere)
Directors Damiano D’Innocenzo / Fabio D’Innocenzo
Story and screenplay D’Innocenzo Brothers
with Andrea Carpenzano, Matteo Olivetti, Milena Mancini, Max Tortora, Luca Zingaretti
Produced by Agostino Giuseppe e Maria Grazia Saccà
Executive Producer Ivan D’Ambrosio
Production Pepito produzioni
Co-production Raicinema
with support of Mibact, Regione Lazio
Cinematographer Paolo Carnera
Music by Toni Bruna
Film editing by Marco Spoletini
World Sales The Match Factory
Boys Cry
Mirko and Manolo are best friends and live in the suburbs of Rome. They both live in poor conditions with their single parents, are still in school and struggle with occasional odd jobs to make ends meet. Together they share dreams of women, of sex and money, of a better life to come.
After killing a man in a hit-and-run one night, they get involved with the local mafia and their lives change dramatically. Soon they find themselves doing the dirty work for their new bosses and have fresh blood on their hands. But lured by the dreams of easy money and illusions of a thriving career, they fail to realize the consequences of their choice.
Life in the underworld becomes exceedingly tough and Mirko and Manolo soon disconnect from family and former friends as they engage on a downward spiral, a pathway towards darkness.
Saturday, Feb 17, 2018 22:30 Kino International (public screening)
Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018 19:30 CinemaxX 7 (official premiere screening)
Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018 22:45 CineStar 3 (public screening)
Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 20:00 Cubix 7 (public screening)
Sunday, Feb 25, 2018 17:00 Cubix 9 (public screening)
The directors and the main actors are available for interviews in Berlin. Please let us know your interview requests as soon as possible, including your outlets, outlet description, and cell phone and mail address valid in Berlin.
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Christiane Leithardt & Wolfgang Werner
phone +49 89 38 38 670
Christiane Leithardt
cell +49 175 588 80 86
Wolfgang Werner
cell +49 170 333 93 53
Looking forward to your interest in our film!
See you soon in Berlin, best regards,
Christiane and Wolfgang
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