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Dear journalists, dear friends and colleagues,

it is our pleasure to present as international press agents the following fascinating film at the Berlinale 2021:
official program Berlinale Special
Germany 2021
documentary 114 min
a film by Marc Bauder ("Master of the Universe", "The System")
a production by Bauderfilm
in coproduction with Hessischer Rundfunk, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Südwestrundfunk and Arte, plus Hanfgarn & Ufer
with support from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, HessenFilm, Filmförderungsanstalt, Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien and Filmförderfonds
world sales Films Boutique
short synopsis:
WHO WE WERE observes the current state of the world, accompanied by six intellectuals and scientists who reflect on the present and postulate about the future. Director Marc Bauder follows his interviewees into the depths of the ocean, to the top of the world, and out into the far reaches of space. Together, they explore the incredible capabilities of the human brain, a global economic summit, the legacy of colonisation, and the feelings of a robot. This inspiring look at our world offers a hopeful message for us all: Who we are is in our own hands, if we recognise our connectedness, our commonality, and the meaning of 'we'.

WHO WE WERE is an intense encounter with six important contemporary thinkers and scientists: Alexander Gerst (astronaut), Dennis Snower (economist), Matthieu Ricard (molecular biologist and monk), Sylvia Earle (oceanologist), Felwine Sarr (economist, sociologist and philosopher) and Janina Loh (philosopher and critical posthumanist).
screening at Berlinale:
Press accredited at Berlinale are invited to watch WHO WE WERE by stream during the following period:
from Wednesday, March 3, 07:00 CET
til Thursday, March 4, 07:00 CET
Director Marc Bauder ("Master of the Universe", "The System") is available for phone and online interviews. Please forward your interview requests as soon as possible, including your outlet, outlet description, and cell phone and mail address valid for Berlin.
Please contact us for questions or for further information:
Christiane Leithardt
cell +49 175 588 80 86
Wolfgang Werner
cell +49 170 333 93 53
Looking forward to your interest in the film,

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